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can’t believe you forgot this otp in your favorite challenge relationships post

me/laurel is numbers 1-100 lbr

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i love her so much i need to go



i love her so much i need to go

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WATCH THE CHALLENGE: this is reality tv this isn’t fucking survivor.*


If you know me at all, and if you haven’t blacklisted it because you like joy and have good taste, you know that i have spent the last (almost) two months crying my eyes out about MTV’s The Challenge. The Challenge is quite possibly the greatest television show ever produced.** In this post, I am going to a) explain to you what the hell The Challenge is b) tell you why you should start watching it and c) give you tips on watching it/links. because i am friendly and helpful.

Section A: The Challenge is a reality television show on MTV that was originally conceived as a competition show for money (and prizes) (so! fresh! and! original!) between The Real World and Road Rules alumni. it has since expanded itself to include fresh meat — people who appeared on neither The Real World or Road Rules, but who were cast specifically to be on The Challenge. They live in a giant house together that may or may not have consistently functioning air-conditioning, compete in challenges of multiple varieties (physical, trivia, blah) and various elimination rounds, before getting (or not getting) to the final and winning (or not winning). Not very complicated. There are fights and hook-ups. There is politicking and strategizing. There is growth, decay and transformation. Watch out, Breaking Bad.  

*not a diss about survivor. i quite enjoyed two seasons of survivor. i just find the quote comical for obvious reasons.
**4 out of 5 dentists agree. 

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anyway i enjoyed it a lot i might go back and watch more


underwaternow replied to your post: “WATCH THE CHALLENGE: this is reality tv this isn’t fucking survivor.*”:
oh the one season of this i watched (or watched part of? i cant remember if i finished it) was gauntlet 2. i think i still have some of the eps from itunes

mOLLY. you didn’t even get to the important seasons.